Jenna Marotta

Equally inspired by the blues, hip-hop and modern dance music, Jenna Marotta has a rich soulful flair to her sound. Her influences span from Janis Joplin to Michael Jackson and Billy Joel.


It seems that Jenna's vocal chops are rivaled only by her wicked sense of humor. One minute, her audience is bearing witness to the next great soul singer then she changes up her style or cracks a joke and bewilders them with delight. When Jenna is asked about her passions and her ambitions moving forward, she says, "There is nothing better than bringing people joy through my music. I can't wait to share my musical vision with the world."


Jenna's been singing and playing instruments since she was a wee young thing. Born in Philadelphia, and raised in Palmyra, New Jersey, she spent her childhood honing her skills on various instruments. In 2000, Jenna moved to Chicago and joined the Motown Blues Expressions, where she became immersed in Motown and Blues music, and sang with the greats of the Southside of Chicago. She found that when she walked around the city, "The Spirit" filled her with music. It was this inspiration which was the genesis for her first collection of a cappella songs. The words and music spilled out from her soul and gave birth to her songwriting career.


In 2006 Jenna completed her B.A. in Performing Arts at the University of Tampa. She was then invited to perform on the nationally acclaimed television program "Live on Showtime at the Apollo", which aired in May of that year. Upon opening her mouth to sing a rendition of Gladys Knight's "Neither One of Us", Jenna received a lengthy standing ovation.


Soon after, Jenna was awarded Backstage Pass Magazine's title of "Daytona Discovered". She sang at the halftime show for Daytona's arena football team, the Daytona Thunder, and used the prize money to buy a guitar. Having found her weapon of choice, the guitar, Jenna was inspired to make the pilgrimage to New York City's infamous music scene.


Since her first Greenwich Village open mic in the fall of 2008, Jenna has written and copyrighted over two dozen songs. She holds court at The Bitter End, Cafe Vivaldi, and various other NYC venues.

In 2016, Jenna took a leap of faith and landed in middle Tennessee and is continuing to delight audiences all over the Nashville area.



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  • Mar 11
    The Commodore Lounge,  Nashville